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Ekan Empire can undertake an enterprises local accounting function including set up, recording of accounting transactions, general ledger maintenance and monthly reporting.Our Business accounting solutions suggests a reliable and consistent system of reporting your financial performance to help you grow your business and plan for the future. We understand your needs that as your business expands, and volume of accounting work is likely to increase as well day by day. In this situation, you must need some additional Accounting services to maintain your accounting- financial data on fingertips and make sure that you utilize your cash flow optimally. Our In house team of highly talented accountants, bookkeepers and financial planners are fully skilled and experienced locally in using best practice financial management disciplines to support you’re accounting and processing requirements in Australia. Our modernized policies and systems ensure the outsourcing of your finance function is made easy whilst adding valuable expertise to your team and business. We offer short and long term accounting solutions as well as fixed price agreements to support your business at any stage in its life cycle.

Financial Accounts

"Financial accounts are comprehensive records summarizing an entity's monetary transactions, assets, liabilities, income, and expenses for reporting and analysis purposes."

Management Accounting

"Management accounting encompasses analyzing financial data, providing insights, and aiding decision-making to enhance organizational performance, efficiency, and strategic planning."

Business Plans

"Business plans outline a company's goals, strategies, financial projections, and operations, serving as a roadmap for success and growth."

Cash Flow Management and Budgeting Advice

"Cash flow management and budgeting advice involve strategic planning to optimize financial resources, ensuring stability, and achieving long-term business objectives."

GST Reconciliations

"GST reconciliations involve meticulously comparing financial records with GST statements to ensure accurate reporting and compliance with taxation regulations in businesses."

ASIC Registered Agent

"ASIC Registered Agent is a professional authorized to manage and ensure compliance with Australian Securities and Investments Commission requirements for businesses."

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